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Written Review – Hyperlanes for Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition

Have you ever wanted to take your games of D&D 5th Edition into a sci-fi realm? Doing so is totally possible with HYPERLANES from Scrivened – a sci-fi supplement for the 5th Edition of Dungeons and Dragons that will see you taking your battles to space and much more.

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Written Review – Outbreak: Deep Space

What sort of horrors will you find in the deep black of space? Are aliens attacking? Are there some sort of monsters bred from viral outbreaks? In Outbreak: Deep Space you’ll be sucked into a different type of RPG, and when the hull breaches, will anyone hear you scream?

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Leaving Your World Behind: New Details on Starfinder

During Gen Con 2016 we got the opportunity to get just a few more details on the Starfinder RPG releasing from Paizo in August of 2017. Learn more of the story and find out just what sort of creatures you’ll find among the stars!

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Syrinscape Gets Best Gaming Accessory Award at UK Games Expo

After a Pathfinder Special multi-table event comes to life, Syrinscape is given an award at its debut appearance at UK Games Expo 2015.

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Walker Stalker Con – The Dead Invade Dallas on March 14th and 15th

The dead are descending upon Dallas, TX in just two weeks! Walker Stalker Con, a convention that celebrates the sci-fi horror world of The Walking Dead, is coming to the Dallas convention center in just two weeks!

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New Tabletop Soundtrack App Available on Kickstarter

Pay-What-You-Want in this Tabletop Soundtrack App on Kickstarter! Hoping to combine Fantasy, WW2, Horror, Sci-Fi, and more genres into one app for Android and iOS.

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Sovereignty of Dust, A Post-Apocalyptic Card Game In Final Days on Kickstarter

Five factions fight for control of a ruined metropolis known only as “Dust”. With clever strategy and strength of will your faction can be the last one standing in Sovereignty of Dust, in its last leg on Kickstarter.

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Apocalypse: Galactic Arena Coming Soon From Storyception Games

An apocalyptic world in a way you’ve never seen before, and a world that will change as it is played at that. Check out details about Apocalypse: Galactic Arena and what the future holds as something called Biomass threatens a second apocalypse after 540 years.

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Fragged Empire Video Preview

Fragged Empire is a new sci-fi space RPG that recently funded via Kickstarter. We happened to find an early copy of the game in some space debris, and decided to show you what it’s like in a preview video!

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Sally 4th 10mm Sci-Fi Pre-Painted Terrain Now Available

Sally 4th has rolled out their 10mm sci-fi buildings and road packs, allowing you take your games of Mechwarrior and Dropzone Commander to the next level.

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Let’s Take A Look at Fragged Empire

Fragged Empire, a new sci-fi tabletop RPG is up on Kickstarter, and it looks totally badass.

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Mantic Games Announces Sci-fi Battlezones Terrain, Available for Pre-Order

Battlezones, a complete set of sci-fi terrain for your wargames, is available for pre-order from Mantic.

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