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Three New Releases Hit Shelves Today from Privateer Press

Privateer Press releases LEVEL 7 [INVASION], the Monsternomicon for Iron Kingdoms, and the Faith & Fortune expansion for High Command, all available now!

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Privateer Press Summer Sale Begins Now!

A pretty awesome sale is going on over at Privateer Press right now, and its worth a peek if you’re into their games, or looking to get into them.

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Iron Kingdoms Excursions Coming From Skull Island

Fans of WARMACHINE will be pleased to have more to read on the exploration of the world of Immoren with Skull Island’s most recent release. A series called Iron Kingdoms Excursions will feature monthly volumes of stories, each containing a short story about 3 different factions. The first volume will include stories centering around Cygnar, […]

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Privateer Press Releases No Quarter Collection : Volume One

In previous releases of No Quarter, the magazine published by Privateer Press, players have found a treasure trove of gaming goodies. Stories, tactics, painting tips, and much more have poured out from the pages of this magazine. Now, Privateer Press has decided to release collections of the various stories that were favored among fans, and […]

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In Thunder Forged, New Novels for Iron Kingdoms Available

One of the things that fans really like about the Warmachine, Hordes, and Iron Kingdoms games from Privateer Press is the amount of fluff they add to the world in which they take place. Privateer Press puts a lot of work into creating a history for the game that helps players get immersed in what […]

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