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Spartan Games Closing Its Doors

Spartan Games, publisher of Dystopian Wars and Firestorm Armada, has announced they will be closing their doors. The company is urging any and all parties interested in acquiring assets to reach out as soon as they can, though customer orders are still being fulfilled.

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Modular Underground Project On Kickstarter, Underground Dungeons Come to Life

Modular gaming terrain that incorporates a unique wall system, connects effortlessly, is lightweight, and follows an underground theme? Sign me up! That’s what you’ll get with the Modular Underground Project from Maki Games, now on Kickstarter.

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Written Review – High Command: Rapid Engagement

This game may be a smaller package but brings you all out war on the same level that the core game does. Check out Rapid Engagement if you’re a fan of Privateer Press’s world!

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Mythic Battles: Pantheon Debuting at Gen Con [Gen Con 2016]

Take the role of a God of Olympus in Mythic Battles: Pantheon as they fight to gain back their immortality. Get your first chance to play the game at Gen Con 2016!

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Privateer Press Announces New Edition of Warmachine & Hordes

Warmachine and Hordes fans have something new on their hands as Privateer Press has announced a brand new edition of the hit miniatures game, coming June 29th.

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Halo: Ground Command is the Game Halo Fans Have been Waiting For

Bring the fight planetside with Halo: Ground Command, coming this summer from Spartan Games. Assemble your Battle Force and run either the UNSC or the Covenant in a desperate war for Reach.

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Back to Brimstone – Completing My Set

After spending a lot of time – and money – on Shadows of Brimstone from its original Kickstarter I decided that the game needed to be completed and upgraded. With some spare time I painted up the models, accessorized, and got the game back to the table with some flair!

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The Five Play Review: Mercs Recon

Mercs: Recon is a cooperative adventure board game from the company that brought us Myth and the Mercs tabletop wargame. Strategy is quite important in this office dungeon-crawl, but is the game worth the long delay backers have put up with? Check out my thoughts in this Five Play Review!

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Warmachine Battle Report – Cryx vs Khador 15pt Duel: Test Your Might

Khador takes on Cryx in our first Warmachine Battle Report! This skirmish is set at 15pts and metal clashes against metal with The Butcher of Khardov putting his forces against Warwitch Deneghra and her terrifying bone ‘jacks!

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Cool Mini or Not Announces Wrath of Kings Two-Player Starter Set: Honor and Treachery

It’s House Goritsi versus House Nasier in the new two-player starter set, Honor and Treachery: Battle for Ravenwood from Cool Mini or Not! This brand new entry in the Wrath of Kings line is coming in just a couple of months!

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Warmachine – What is a Unit?

Welcome back to another Warmachine guide post! We’ve already talked about warcasters and warjacks, so now it’s time to highlight yet another important cog an any Warmachine army – units! Units are groups of infantry-level models that activate together on the battlefield. Some units act as cannon fodder, while other units are like well-oiled machines […]

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Deep-Cut Studios Plains Cloth Mat – Video Review

Raine sits down to show off the new Plains-themed cloth mat from Deep-Cut Studio! This mat is machine washable, lightweight, and stores easily for when you need a battlefield for your miniatures games.

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Video Review – Golem Arcana: Ashmogh, Urugal Colossus

Want to strike terror in the hearts of your enemies? Check out the Ashmogh colossus golem for the Urugal faction in Golem Arcana. Learn about how it sacrifices its own health while he tears down his opponents’, and then feasts on allies to recover.

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Gen Con 2015 Day 3 Recap – With Kae

Lots of fun stuff from Paizo and excitement from Erik Mona. We made more stops today and enjoyed the fantastic cosplays that were on display. And some thoughts on the new game, Force of Will.

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East Wind Games – Bringing Gaming to the Renaissance Faire

East Wind Games is a company that brings gaming to the Scarborough Renaissance Faire, as well as maintaining a retail shop online. After visiting during my time at the faire, I wanted to share my experience with the community!

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Obscure Game Number One: Hordes of the Things

My last post got me to think about all of the obscure games I have sitting around in the basement. This week I dig out Hordes of the Things, and it’s the first obscure game I want to talk about!

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