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Interview with Chris Birch from Modiphius Entertainment

Achtung! Cthulhu, Mutant Chronicles, John Carter – these are all great titles from one hit company, Modiphius Entertainment! We got the chance to speak with Chris Birch about a few things, including Siege of the Citadel and Stark Trek Adventures, and here’s the interview!

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Interview with Rise of Cthulhu’s Chuck Yager

Chuck Yager, creator of Rise of Cthulhu, takes some time to answer the maddening questions of the cultists here at the I:T office on his current project from Kickstarter!

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I : T Interviews Creator Of Spell Stealers

Kae asks Greg Santo some questions about his life in game design, specifically about Spell Stealers, and what is coming down the road. Take some time to read his answers and get some insight into the world behind Spell Stealers.

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I:T Interviews Creator of Tavern Tales RPG – Dabney Bailey

Kae asks the creator of Tavern Tales some questions about the background of the living role playing game that is creating a stir in the tabletop world.

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Interview With Rich Loxam from Guild Ball

We sit down with Rich Loxam, co-creator of Guild Ball, to ask him a few questions about the game, Kickstarter, and where it’s headed.

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Interview With Diana Pressnell of G33k & Co

Having first heard of The SurReal Mother Geek online, I squealed in delight when I passed a brightly colored booth on the floor at this year’s Gen Con and saw the book on the table. I had the chance to chat with Diana Pressnell, The SurReal Mother Geek herself, after picking up a new dice […]

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Little Wizards Interview with Amanda Valentine

Little Wizards is a tabletop role-playing game where kids ages 6-10 years old. It allows grown-ups to interact with their children like never before, and with that they can share their love of gaming with them. We had a chance to sit down with Amanda Valentine, the young lady tasked with making the English version […]

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Interview with Douglas Morse of Adventures On The Tabletop

Adventures on the Tabletop: A Movie About Board Game Design Directed by Douglas Morse After reading about Adventures on the Tabletop, I managed to speak with Douglas Morse a little bit about his project and to get some background information on what this film means to him and the gaming community. How were you […]

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Interview With Joanna Gaskell of Standard Action, Kickstarter for Season 3 Now Live

Yesterday we talked about a webseries that’s been on the net since late last year called Standard Action. The webseries follows four unlikely heroes who set about questing in a far-off land. Based around the throes of a tabletop RPG game, Standard Action helps bring to life the characters that we’ve seen so often in […]

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Initiative : Tabletop Talks With Infinity, Creator Of The Future Belongs To Us

Recently we featured an article about an upcoming RPG entitled “The Future Belongs To Us” by Ataraxy Publishing. I have had experience with traditional games like D&D and have always found them to be interesting. When I first heard of “The Future Belongs To Us” I was intrigued by the world that it is set […]

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Initiative : Tabletop Interviews Alessio Cavatore, Creator of Loka: The World of Fantasy Chess

There’s a game on Kickstarter that’s making quite the amount of noise among the community, and it’s a spin on a board game that’s as old as time itself. The game, Loka: The World of Fantasy Chess, has already reached its funding goal and is knocking out stretch goals one after another. Loka brings the […]

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Nolan T. Jones of Roll20 Talks with Initiative : Tabletop

Many people who play RPGs are bound to the local community they live in. Not long ago we featured an article on the virtual tabletop site Roll20. Roll20 eliminates the need to be confined by borders when it comes to playing tabletop RPGs. It has the potential to open your gaming world to a vast […]

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