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Warmachine – What is a Unit?

Welcome back to another Warmachine guide post! We’ve already talked about warcasters and warjacks, so now it’s time to highlight yet another important cog an any Warmachine army – units! Units are groups of infantry-level models that activate together on the battlefield. Some units act as cannon fodder, while other units are like well-oiled machines […]

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Don’s 2014 Holiday Game Recommendations

Don shares his game gift recommendations for the 2014 holiday season!

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Kae’s 2014 Holiday Game Recommendations

There isn’t much time left to buy gifts, but perhaps you are still looking for that perfect gift for your gaming friends. Or, possibly a game to get your friends exposed to the hobby! Here are my recommendations for some games that just might fit the bill this holiday season. Light Game – Cadwallon : […]

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Raine’s Christmas 2014 Game Recommendations

Wondering what to get your little gamers this holiday season? Looking for some suggestions that are purely awesome? Then look no further than my super sweet holiday gaming suggestions of 2014!

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Convention Housing – How Far Away Should You Stay?

Not sure where to stay during your convention experience? Check out our tips on choosing your distance.

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Kae’s Guide To The Settlers of Catan

I:T’s Lady of Catan shares some of her secrets about the game, all the while keeping the humor alive – it is just a game, after all!

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The Great Culling, Part 2

Previously, we had talked about culling games to slim down a game collection. Now there is a new conundrum we must face. What do we do with the games we decided we no longer want on our shelf? We discuss the options available to gamers.

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The Great Culling, Part 1

When is it too much? When do you feel you have too many games and not enough time to play them? Most people turn to culling games to slim down their collection but how do you choose what games to get rid of?

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Gaming Investments : How Much Is Too Much To Pay?

What factors should you consider before dropping big bucks on a game? Kae shares her thoughts on what makes a game worth your money.

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Throwing Your Lot in with the Crowd – The Factions of Malifaux

Take a look at some of the history for each of the factions of Malifaux. Which faction will you side with?

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Into the Breach – What is Malifaux?

Malifaux is a steampunk-horror miniatures skirmish game set in a rich world with a lot of flavor. If you’re interested in learning about the game, this is where you start.

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Try It Before You Buy It – Why Demos Are Important

As humans, and especially as capitalists, we’re accustomed to buying things on impulse. Many times have I fallen victim to picking up an item that I think will be great because of aesthetics, or because it just sounds great, only to get it home and become disappointed. Tabletop gaming is no exception, and I’ve bought […]

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Kae’s Holiday Game Recommendations

The holidays are upon us, and ideally you have finished or are wrapping up your holiday shopping (pun totally intended). But, just in case you haven’t, we’re all going to be giving you our opinions on what would be great games to gift your family or that gamer that you love. Obviously, all gamers have […]

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Painting Miniatures: My Tips for Beginners

I’m not an expert painter when it comes to painting miniatures. I know I don’t have all the answers and there are probably better ways to prepare, paint, and finalize a miniature than my methodology. However, I am always looking at sites that give insight on how I can improve and before I ever started […]

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Warmachine – Building a Scenario Board

Next month we’ll be attending a Warmachine/Hordes event taking place at our favorite local game store, Common Room Games. The event is called Day of Recknoning, and you can find details about it here. For the event I decided that I wanted to work on a couple of new boards to play on. The first […]

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Warmachine – Building Your List

Players who are new to Warmachine will most likely pick up a two-player Battle Box, or a starter set for a faction of their choice. These products are great starting points for the game because they come with a read-to-play 15-point army to field. You see, games of Warmachine are played with armies that are […]

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