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MIGHTY DICE Now on Kickstarter from Dog Might

Dice are an essential part of the gaming experience. They enhance the theme of the game and are the mechanic that decides the outcome of the story you are telling. Being an integral part of your gaming experience, you should invest in a pair that’s as badass as the characters you play. That’s the idea with MIGHTY DICE!

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Dice Masters Now Available

In case you haven’t gotten your fill on dice from previous Dice Masters games, WizKids releases a set based on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series!

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Q-Workshop’s Pathfinder Dice Kickstarter Funds in First 24 Hours

Beautiful metallic dice engraved with the Pathfinder logo are the star feature of this new dice set from Q-Workshop, on Kickstarter now!

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Magic Missile Dice by Studio 6d6

Studio 6d6 presents Magic Missile +1 d4 dice for your wizards! We are checking these and the elemental d6 dice out in this mini product review.

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Gen Con 2015 Day 3 Recap – With Kae

Lots of fun stuff from Paizo and excitement from Erik Mona. We made more stops today and enjoyed the fantastic cosplays that were on display. And some thoughts on the new game, Force of Will.

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Raising A Geekling : Part Three

Continuing our series about gaming with small kids, Kae discusses more in-depth information on HABA Games’ Animal Upon Animal. Also, some thoughts on matching games, story-telling games, dice, and more.

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Artisan Dice Launches New Dice Crafting Features

In honor of National Dice Day, Artisan Dice releases some new features to their website which may help you make your best dice purchase ever!

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Introducing Hex Chests by Elder Wood, Now on Kickstarter

The Hex Chest, created by the team at Elder Wood, is an elegant and completely awesome way to store your RPG gaming dice. Choose from different types of wood, add engraving, and slap down a pledge on Kickstarter to get yours by the holidays!

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Video Review – Dice Chest by Dog Might Games

Dog Might is back on Kickstarter with their new product, the Dice Chest. It’s a great way to store dice, and it can even be used as a GM screen when playing your favorite RPGs. Here’s our video review!

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Dog Might Games Returns to Kickstarter with Custom Dice Chests, Already Funded

Dog Might Games is back on Kickstarter with the customizable Dice Chest, perfect for gamers of every shape and size! Funded in just an hour, the campaign is soaring with backers, so check it out!

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DungeonMorph Dice Explorer Sets and More Available

If you’ve ever wanted to create a dungeon to explore with the random roll of a handful of dice, then DungeonMorph Dice can provide you that freedom. Inkwell Ideas has revised their dice and have re-released the Explorer Set, with their other sets soon to follow.

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I:T Seminar at Gen Con 2014 – Details and Info [Gen Con 2014]

The time has come, and with less than two weeks until Gen Con we’re ready to release the details of our seminar! There will be plenty to talk about and a really sweet giveaway, so make sure you sign up for the event and come on out!

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Root Dice, by World Nine Goods, Up on Kickstarter

Root Dice – wooden dice made from Bog Woods – are now being funded through Kickstarter.

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Kickstarter Double Play – Hero Forge 3D Printed Miniatures and Dice Empire: Series One

This week I’ve spent a little bit of time on Kickstarter, and through my search of the site I’ve uncovered a couple of projects I felt needed to be brought to the gaming community’s attention. Well, the projects must have already gotten some of your attention because they’re both already funded with nearly a month […]

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Dust Tactics Changes Up Dice and Play Mats

Recently, the folks at Battlefront Miniatures have released some information on updates to their Dust dice, as well as updated Play Mats for your battles. The updated dice will be seen in new starter sets, and while they have new faces instead of the former blanks, they work the same as the old dice. The […]

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Shining Some Light on Artisan Dice

Back before I:T was born, I followed a Kickstarter project that I’ve adored since the first time I saw it. If you’ve read us for a while you know that I’m a sucker for dice, and I even collect unique ones. I’d like to put a spotlight on a company that I feel creates excellent […]

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