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Written Review – Super Motherload

Assemble your crew and use your digging machines to burrow into the crust of Mars in search of artifacts, resources, and more! Buy Pilots and earn Achievements to rack in Victory Points, but be aware of your resources. Does this game dig up enough fun to hit your table? Check out our review and see for yourself!

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Written Review – Thunderstone Advance : Worlds Collide

Work with others to save the world in Thunderstone Advance : Worlds Collide, a deck-building game combining the best of previous Thunderstone games for one amazing dungeon-crawl-esque adventure!

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Written Review – High Command: Rapid Engagement

This game may be a smaller package but brings you all out war on the same level that the core game does. Check out Rapid Engagement if you’re a fan of Privateer Press’s world!

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News From White Wizard Games

Lots of news from White Wizard Games, with many realms to choose from!

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Written Review – Smash Up! Munchkin

Check out this lovely blend of Smash Up mechanics with adventurous art and stereotypical jabs at our favorite fantasy factions in Smash Up! Munchkin by AEG

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Written Review – Valley of the Kings

Collect your statues and precious jewels and prepare to take them to the grave by managing your own tomb. Collect Egyptian treasures and stock them in your resting place for an afterlife fit for a pharaoh. Check out Valley of the Kings by Tom Cleaver and see if this deck-builder is right for you!

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Written Review – Ascension: Dawn of Champions

The gods have left New Vigil in the hands of mortals to allow each faction’s heroes to come forward as Champions. Take control of one of these Heroes and claim victory for the Enlightened, Mechana, Lifebound, or Void!

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Written Review – Don’t Turn Your Back (Prototype)

You may not have come voluntarily, but staying won’t be your top priority. Escape Mad City by cashing in favors owed to you by the Nightmares throughout the districts of the city. Impress the Wax King to convince him to let you escape back into the world of the Awake in Don’t Turn Your Back by Evil Hat Productions.

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Written Review – Ascension: Realms Unraveled

Join Kae as she opens up Ascension: Realms Unraveled and looks at changes to the game with this new set. Multi-faction heroes and multi-unite cards bring your game a fresh breath of air.

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Upper Deck Announces Bring Out Yer Dead

Check out the first non-licensed game from Upper Deck! Throw bodies in the river and rob graves – whatever it takes to get the best plot of land for your deceased and take your place as the head of the family!

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Star Realms Digital Gambit Expansion Releases Today

Take your games farther in the Gambit expansion now available for the digital version of Star Realms. Check out what the expansion adds and rethink your strategy!

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Written Review – Star Realms

Launch yourself among the stars and make alliances with the warring factions for victory in Star Realms! Check out this small deck-building game by White Wizard Games with big promises.

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Kae’s 2014 Holiday Game Recommendations

There isn’t much time left to buy gifts, but perhaps you are still looking for that perfect gift for your gaming friends. Or, possibly a game to get your friends exposed to the hobby! Here are my recommendations for some games that just might fit the bill this holiday season. Light Game – Cadwallon : […]

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Upper Deck to Release Guardians of the Galaxy Expansion for Legendary

Guardians of the Galaxy, a new expansion for Upper Deck’s Legendary deck building game, will be releasing tomorrow! It’s time to get your Groot in gear!

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Take On Doomsday Prepping with Collapse, the Deck Building Game on Kickstarter

Fight against your neighbors for food, weapons, and more supplies as you prepare for an oncoming apocalypse. Do you have the wits and strategy to keep your homestead safe from a world-ending scenario? Find out with Collapse, now on Kickstarter!

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Trains: Rising Sun Coming This October

The next set in the Trains saga will hit store shelves in October and will bring three new boards as well as new bonus card types.

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