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Written Review – BEMUSED

Do you have what it takes as a muse to raise your protege to the peak of the arts? Prove your prowess in Bemused : A Game of Doubt and Dread by Devious Weasel Games!

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Devious Weasel Games to Release Bemused Summer 2017 – Who’s Yer Con 2017 Thoughts

Claim a protoge as an artistic muse and lead them to victory before their fears become their demise! Read about Bemused, a game coming this summer from Devious Weasel Games!

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Push Your Luck and Mine for Gems with Dig, On Kickstarter

The Hill hides many treasures and all it takes to collect them is to DIG! Delve into the hill and gather ten gems to win the game! DIG, the push-your-luck treasure-hunting game, is now live on Kickstarter.

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Renegade Announces Two New Games for Summer 2017

Renegade Game Studios announces The Fox in the Forest and Flip Ships, two brand new games that you’ll be able to grab very soon. If you’re planning on heading to Origins or Gen Con this year you can even try them out for yourself!

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Video Review – Edge of Extinction

Do you know how the ecosystem works? Did you know there are many different types of ecosystems that exist in our environment? If you didn’t, Edge of Extinction can help gain you some knowledge! This brilliant game from Two Sisters in the Wild is just as much fun as it is educational!

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Written Review – Love Letter Premium Edition

Expand your love of Love Letter by inviting more players to the table! Love Letter Premium Edition supports up to 8 players and introduces new characters and mechanics when you play with 5+. Check out the other upgrades to Love Letter in this new edition!

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Pathfinder Adventure Card Game to Be First Product Translated Into Japanese, Releasing First Quarter 2017

Teaming up with Arclight Publishing, Paizo is set to release a Japanese version of two very prevalent Pathfinder products this year!

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Kickstarter Preview – Battle for the Universe: Slab City Beatdown

Coming to Kickstarter on January 10, we’re previewing Battle for the Universe: Slab City Beatdown. Is this the must back game of 2017? With great art and innovative mechanics, you’re going to want to check out our preview to get an in-depth look at this competitive expandable card game.

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Written Review – The Oregon Trail Card Game

That’s right – the influential computer game you knew and loved as a kid is now a card game! Can the wagon party work together to keep at least one player alive on the trail from Missouri all the way to the Oregon? Check out our review and see if you catch the dysentery!

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Written Review – Booty

When you think about pirates you usually think about the gang sinking ships in search for treasure. Have you ever thought about what happens once the treasure is acquired? How does it get split? Who gets the most? Find out in Booty, a plundering treasure-dividing game from Mayfair!

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Written Review – Mai-Star

Take on the life of a Geisha and prove your prowess in your craft with Mai-Star, a card game from Seiji Kanai.

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Video Review – Iron & Ale: King of the Keg

When one round isn’t enough it’s time to call for another! Or you could just topple the whole keg! That’s the plan with Iron & Ale: King of the Keg, the first expansion for the dwarven drinking game from Tableforged LLC.

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Written Review – High Command: Rapid Engagement

This game may be a smaller package but brings you all out war on the same level that the core game does. Check out Rapid Engagement if you’re a fan of Privateer Press’s world!

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Video Review – Grimslingers

The Iron Witch has made you a Grimslinger – a being that can cast all sorts of powerful magics. You’re not alone, however, and now you must duel his other magical children and fight to survive in the vast wasteland!

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Boss Monster in Virtual Reality at Gen Con [Gen Con 2016]

Sit down in a tavern to play Boss Monster with friends as Brotherwise and Altspace VR partner to bring Boss Monster to the virtual reality table space at Gen Con 2016!

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Written Review – Thieves!

Hide treasure in your stash, but make sure you don’t have the most when the police arrive! Thieves is a fast-paced card game where you try to be the best sneak you can be!

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