Author Page – Raine

raine-rick-and-morty-shirtRaine started gaming at an early age. He first played casual board games like Monopoly, Mancala, and Clue, and eventually moved on to bigger things. He became a large video gamer from there, but during high school Dungeons & Dragons along with Magic: The Gathering sucked him much deeper into the tabletop world than he had ever traveled before. Almost immediately Raine found a new passion in life, and he was able to share it with his friends. He vigorously sought after the thrill of hunting monsters in dungeons, and when he had some time he participated in Magic: The Gathering tournaments to test his worth.

As he got older his interest grew, though he lost none of his love for tabletop gaming. Over the years he’s gotten into miniature war gaming, Living Card Games, different RPGs, and tons of strategy and board games. Some of Raine’s favorite games are Battlestar Galactica: The Board Game, Arkham Horror: The Card Game, WarmaHordes, Mansions of Madness (Second Edition), and Pathfinder. He uses his passion for gaming to help motivate his writing, and he’s been a gaming journalist for over five years. He’s been lucky enough to help begin the endeavor that is Initiative : Tabletop, and shares it with his wife and two close friends.

When he’s not gaming he enjoys mini painting, writing, getting tattooed, and spending time with family.


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