Author Page – Mike

MikeMike, like most of us, spent many days as a youth playing games such as chess and Life. While he was in high school he dabbled in playing Magic with his friends but perused sports and other activates and found himself adrift from the table. In his early twenties a rise in fantasy and superhero movies brought his interest into the realm of fantasy and sci-fi fiction as well as comic books. Through this love for things outside of the main stream he found his eyes open to the world of tabletop once again. Once a friend showed him Inn Fighting he was head over heels in love with the vibrant world in which he once dabbled.

Now that he has found himself involved in the tabletop world once again his thirst for gaming can never be quenched. He constantly seeks out new games to play and loves sharing these treats with his family and friends. Mike enjoys games of all types and is always game to try his hand at anything from deep strategy to whimsical card play. Some of his current favorites are Martian Dice, Small World, Red Dragon Inn and Evil Baby Orphanage. Mike urges us all to try new games because he will tell you that your favorite things are once something that you didn’t know.