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Ed Author photoEd discovered gaming in his teens and, after a time of great foolishness which is not spoken of, returned to it later in life. The standard board and card games quickly gave way to Dungeons and Dragons, which he still plays in one form or another even today.

As a child of the years of burgeoning home video game systems, Ed is an avid video game player as well, favoring RPGs. This led to a love of fantasy and video games which resulted in him becoming a professional fiction writer and video game designer/writer. He works mostly on games that focus on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) learning for younger people and enjoys writing fantasy fiction. He has one published novel in the Forgotten Realms setting and a handful of short stories.

In recent years, Ed has rediscovered his love of board games and has a growing collection. His particular favorites include Power Grid, Mice and Mystics, Andean Abyss, Pandemic and more. If you see him at GenCon – which he attends every year without fail – you can likely find him pestering some poor game demonstrator about why a particular mechanic was chosen for some random game he’s testing.

Outside of gaming Ed enjoys reading, motorcycling, cooking and his small but wonderful family.

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