Author Page – Don

Don Author ImageDon is a lifelong gamer. He began playing games with his grandpa as soon as he could understand them. Throughout his early years and high school he primarily played casual games such as checkers, rummy, Monopoly and other popular casual games. In junior high and high school he enjoyed Dungeons & Dragons as well.

In this same period, Don became an avid videogamer as well. Visiting the local arcades and playing console and computer games became a lifelong passion. For the past eight years, Don has taught the course: “History & Social Impact of Videogames” at Indiana University in Bloomington.

During 2012, Don rediscovered his love of tabletop gaming with the opening of a new local game store. He became an active participant in the local Pathfinder Society RPG group, learned about hobby board games and quickly became addicted. Particular favorites include, Agricola, Power Grid, Cosmic Encounter and Sentinels of the Multiverse. He also attended his first GenCon!

Outside of gaming, Don enjoys baking, comic books, reading, and the company of his lovely wife.

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