Author Page – Daekon


Daekon is an artist, voice actor, amateur magician, gamer and all around lover of the arts. He’s been gaming since he was a little kid, but his love for Horror themed games drove his parents and friends at the time away from his small game nights (“But mom, why don’t you wanna play the game where the zombies rend the skin from your body?”) Now he runs 3 games nights a week and has never been happier with the groups that he’s found.

His love for tabletop games is followed closely by his love of video games (namely RPG’s like KIngdom Hearts, Skyrim, Final Fantasy, etc) though he doesn’t feel they create the atmosphere and personal connection and bond a good tabletop game can bring. When he’s not gaming, he can be found doing various voices ranging from as innocent as Disney to as….not-so-innocent as Family Guy, as well as his own original characters. You can probably find him writing, animating, drawing, sculpting, etc etc etc. He does a little of everything and he’s totally fine with that.

Daekon’s list of favorite things include Dragons (He plays a Silver dragonborne warlock in D&D which shares his name, one of two twins in fact) Wolves, Werewolves, Horror stories and movies, general creepiness and Stitch from Lilo and Stitch… In Magic the gathering he plays a Mono-Black “Rise of the Dark Realms” self-mill deck which he uses to troll other players because he plays dirty. He also quite enjoys Golgari and absolutely hates White and Blue as a whole.

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