Author Page – Brendan

Brendan MayhughBrendan has been playing games ever since he was a child. It all started with Cribbage, Monopoly and Cabbie played with family. In grade school, he found the Dungeons and Dragons Basic Set (which he still owns) and moved quickly to other role playing games. About twelve years ago, while looking for a game other than Spades, Euchre, or Hearts to play with friends/co-workers, the rekindling of playing strategy board games emerged. Around that same time, he started playing Warmachine – his first true miniatures game. His preferences have shifted away from RPGs in recent years, but still occasionally plays one.

When not playing board games, he likes playing computer games, reading novels and attempting to run around the world (24k miles). If that wasn’t enough, he is also a referee for roller derby!



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