About Initiative : Tabletop

Initiative : Tabletop was formed by a group of tabletop gamers from Bloomington, Indiana. Four friends came together with the idea of making their local tabletop gaming group more than it could be. They were fueled on the love of tabletop gaming and the desire to break into the media world, and Initiative : Tabletop is their endeavor. The group’s goal was simple: create a site where all things tabletop can culminate together to offer a vast hub of gaming greatness. You’ll find reviews, news, opinion posts, videos, podcasts, and much more all in one place. If you’re a tabletop gamer, than Initiative : Tabletop is where you want to be.

The Initiative : Tabletop office moved to the DFW area of Texas in 2014 in hopes of reaching a wider range of gamers.

You can learn more about the individual members of Initiative : Tabletop by checking out their Author Page:

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