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Jordon lives in Bloomington, IN with his wife, two crazy cats, a chubby beagle, and his feisty Jack Russel mix. He has been a life-long lover of board games, film, books, and video games. Topics such as Lovecraftian horror, Tolkien-esque fantasy, Star Trek, Batman,Star Wars, and Heavy Metal might cause him to ramble for hours on end. He got his first taste of RPGs about 15 years ago and hasn't looked back since.

Written Review-Tiny Frontiers


Hey game lovers! I’m back with another suggestion for your collection. This time we’re going to look at Tiny Frontiers. It’s a minimalist sci-fi RPG written by Alan Bahr of Gallant Knight Games.

In this book, we’re provided with a simple set of rules that support quick character design, adventure design with a low amount of rules to memorize. The system uses 3 d6s (maximum) and successes are determined by what you roll on the dice. All 5s & 6s are counted as successes while anything below that is a failure. It’s a smooth and simple system that has very little crunch and whole lot less fuss then some of those other games out there. It’s 136 pages long, but approximately 92 of those pages are taken up by micro-settings, which are written by contributing authors. The rest consist of rules on different species, items, starships, and mechs.

The game master section spans about 8-10 pages, and manages to give GMs quick charts on how to run adventures and use strange xenotech, and quick charts on how to build enemies, planets, colonies, and more. For example, here is a table showing random threat levels:

The GM section is chock-full of tables like the one above to help generate all sorts of things. There’s even a table for planet creation, allowing you to completely build a planet and its ecosystem from scratch, randomizing tons of options through die rolls. The information is easy to digest and covers just about everything you need to build some full-scale games whether you plan to run a few sessions or set up an epic campaign.

All in all, this is a fun game if you want to have streamlined sci-fi adventures that focus on story more than a bunch of crunchy rules. Do the folks at Gallant Knight Games a solid and pick up this fine product. It’s currently “pay what you want” on Drivethrurpg.

Thanks to Gallant Knight Games for providing a copy of Tiny Frontiers for review!

Easy to pick up and learn, fast to get to the table, and perfect for players looking for more story than rules.


  • The system is fast, sleek, and user friendly
  • Great kick-off system for people who are less experienced with running RPGs


  • More of a preference than a con, but the game does lack the intricacies that some may look for in a sci-fi RPG
  • The book could use some full color art to help make it pop

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